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    Fix it or sell it?

    By Admin | January 26, 2024

    If you’re about to list a house that needs work, here’s how to decide between fixing the house and fixing the price. “Should I fix up my house or sell it as is?” This is one of the most common questions sellers have about their house.  If your house needs some major TLC, you probably... Read More

    Market your Open House – 10 tips!

    By Admin | January 23, 2024

    Are you hosting an open house soon? Here are 10 easy and (almost) free ways to market your open house efficiently.  1. Choose a theme.  Make your open house stand out from the rest! Choosing a theme not only creates interest around your event, but it also helps you to plan out the details. We... Read More

    How to Stop Renting and become a Homeowner

    By Admin | January 18, 2024

    Are you on the fence about buying your first home or continuing to rent? It’s worth a conversation for sure! There are so many things to consider whenever you are making a large purchase like a home, but especially your first one. If you’ve ever considered swapping out your hefty rent check for a mortgage... Read More

    How to make your offer stand out!

    By Admin | January 12, 2024

    Buying a house in a competitive market can be stressful.  You constantly check for new listings, you’re putting offers within a few days, and your offer still gets beat out. What gives?  When houses hit the market and are sold a day later, it can be tough to stay competitive among all of the other... Read More

    10 Tips on Selling this Spring!

    By Admin | January 10, 2024

    KEEP THE PRICE RIGHT (for you!). Know your numbers prior to meeting and interviewing real estate agents: call the bank for your payoff amount; check any other debt on the home such as a HELOC; and figure any other money items you need. After that you’ll be ready to discuss price with the real estate... Read More

    How Can We Help?

    By Admin | December 14, 2023

    We start every conversation with the question “How can we help?” From there, we listen.  At EXIT Realty HGM, there aren’t many “strict” rules regarding the office. There is no enforced dress code, no clock to punch in and out, and no defined lunch break. Instead, all team members are expected to be responsible for... Read More

    Myths about Agents

    By Admin | December 13, 2023

    Don’t believe these six myths about Real Estate Agents! Everyone knows a real estate agent, whether it’s your uncle, neighbor, or step-cousin-in-law’s nephew. But do you actually know what they do? Here are 6 myths about real estate agents and why they are completely false.  Anyone can be a real estate agent.  Well, technically, this... Read More

    Help, Gratitude, Mindset

    By Admin | December 12, 2023

    Back in 2008, John Schneider and Jerry Walls connected through Craigslist. John wanted to start real estate investing but knew nothing about flipping homes, while Jerry was just starting his general contractor career and knew nothing about investing. They began working together out of John’s basement in the middle of ‘08 recession. While vacant houses... Read More

    Homeowner’s Winter Checklist!

    By Admin | December 11, 2023

    Winter is coming! Is your house prepared? Follow our checklist to make sure your home can handle the cold. Whether you like it or not, winter will be here before you know it and it won’t be leaving for a while. Make sure your home is prepared to face the cold temperatures by completing this... Read More

    The 3 C’s to Selling your Home!

    By Admin | December 8, 2023

    Sometimes it’s overwhelming to know what to do to prep your home for the market. Here are three tips, that will cost you nothing but your time, to get your property ready for your spring sale: 1. Get that curb under control! Grab the sticks, leaves, and anything else littering the yard. The hedges need... Read More

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