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Homeowner’s Winter Checklist!

Winter is coming! Is your house prepared? Follow our checklist to make sure your home can handle the cold.

Whether you like it or not, winter will be here before you know it and it won’t be leaving for a while. Make sure your home is prepared to face the cold temperatures by completing this winter checklist. 

Outside Your Home

Clean out your gutters. 

By November, most of the leaves have fallen, and they are EVERYWHERE. You probably rake up the visible ones in your yard, but be sure to check for leaves in hidden spots too. Gutters can get clogged with tons of leaves and other debris in the fall which can cause damage to your gutters and potentially your roof. If you plan to clean them yourself, we recommend using a sturdy ladder and starting closest to the downspout. Safety first! If wet leaves aren’t your thing, you can hire a professional. 

Winterize exterior faucets. 

Did you know that your exterior valves, commonly known as hose bibbs, can FREEZE? Frozen faucets can create a surprising amount of damage. Detach any hoses and drain them if you plan on storing them outside. Be sure to turn off the water supply to any exterior faucets before winter hits. You can also get an insulated cover for them to be safe. 

Declutter your garage. 

Is your garage a total flashback to seasons past? Organize and move summer gear, such as pool toys and bikes, into storage or out of the way. When the first snowstorm hits, you won’t want to be tripping over scooters when looking for your shovel. 

Move outdoor equipment inside. 

If you want to preserve your outdoor items, now is the time to store it away. Make sure any furniture left outdoors can withstand heavy snow and ice. It’s easy to procrastinate and end up finding a broken sprinkler and a rusty chair when the snow melts in the spring. Take a half hour and make sure your yard and deck are cleared out and ready for winter. 

Spruce up your landscaping. 

Many landscaping issues can actually get worse if you leave them through the winter. Check your yard for any dead trees, holes in the ground, or other major issues, then get them fixed before the first frost hits. 

Inside Your Home

Rebalance your HVAC. 

Do you notice that some rooms are too hot and some rooms are too cold? As the seasons change, imbalances in your house’s temperature may become more obvious to you. If you’re noticing drastic temperature changes throughout your house, it’s time to rebalance your HVAC. We recommend hiring a professional so your system will stay balanced for longer.

Switch your ceiling fans. 

Did you know? The direction that your fan spins affects the air flow in your room. When a fan spins counter-clockwise, it pushes cold air into the room, whereas a clockwise spinning fan will push warm air down. Be sure that your fan is spinning clockwise this winter so you can stay warm.

Change your furnace filter. 

Most professionals recommend that you replace your furnace filter 1-2 times a year. A fresh filter can help your furnace last longer and run more efficiently. More noticeably, a new filter will help maintain your indoor air quality, which will help prevent respiratory issues among many others. Make sure your air is clean this winter- your family and pets will thank you!

Clean out your closet. 

Summer is gone, so your shorts should be too! Make room for bulky sweaters and scarves by moving your summer clothes into storage. While you do this, consider donating any clothes that you didn’t wear this past season. Not only will this declutter your closet, but it will make deciding what to wear each morning a little easier. 


Now that the hard work is done, it’s time to decorate! Cozy up your space with thick blankets, warm tones, and holiday candles!

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