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Market your Open House – 10 tips!

Are you hosting an open house soon? Here are 10 easy and (almost) free ways to market your open house efficiently. 

1. Choose a theme. 

Make your open house stand out from the rest! Choosing a theme not only creates interest around your event, but it also helps you to plan out the details. We like to choose themes that help attendees envision themselves living in the home. Some of our favorites are: 

  • Cheese and Wine Night- Set up some simple charcuterie and crack open your favorite bottle of wine!
  • Game Day- Put on the Packers, Badgers, or whatever game is playing. We recommend pairing it with some pizza and beer.  
  • Winter Wonderland- Snowing outside? Offer a hot cocoa bar and some freshly baked cookies. Bonus tip: bake the cookies at your listing so the smell fills the room! 
  • Open House Fiesta- Set out a mini taco bar or whip up some margaritas to get the party started! 

2. Invite an industry professional to co-host with you. 

Many lenders, closing agents at title companies, inspectors, etc. love to co-host and sponsor events, so why not work with them on an open house? Co-brand all promotional items, leverage both of your networks, bring relevant educational material to the event, and sleep well knowing that you just gave your attendees more value than a regular open house. 

3. Post on social media. 

This one is obvious but definitely under-utilized! There are endless possibilities of social media posts you can make related to your open house. First, you should create a Facebook event and invite your followers to it. Then, post on your business page as well as in the event to keep people interested. You can post sneak peeks, event reminders, info about your co-host, favorite things about the neighborhood…the list goes on!

4. Go live. 

Another way you can utilize your social media following is by going live. When you go live on Facebook or Instagram, the app sends a notification to your followers alerting them that you are live. This will create curiosity and draw people to watch your video or, at the very least, will put your name in front of people. You can go live a few days before your open house to create awareness, then again at the beginning of your open house to remind people that it is starting. 

5. Tap into your CRM.

By now, you should have some sort of CRM started with current, past, and prospective clients. Take advantage of your contacts by emailing them about your upcoming open house. Be sure to keep the email relevant to your recipients, but you can still invite people who aren’t looking to buy at the moment. Be strategic with your words and encourage your contacts to share the open house with friends or family who may be looking in that area. You never know who might know someone looking to buy! If you don’t already have a CRM, our agents love using Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

6. Door knock. 

You knew this would be on the list somewhere! Doorknocking may sound scary, but it can really be a successful way to make connections in a certain neighborhood when done correctly. Print flyers and visit the closest 50+ homes to the house that you have listed. Keep in mind- most people aren’t going to move down the street, so you aren’t there to sell them on the home. Instead, you’re there to form a connection and just maybe, they’ll know someone looking to buy in that area. Maintain the mindset that you are only there to help them. One idea for a conversation starter could be, “Hello! I’m hosting an open house as 123 Main St today from 3-5 pm and I just wanted to give you a heads up that there may be more traffic than usual or some cars parked on the street.” From there, give them the flyer and engage in friendly conversation if they seem interested. Don’t push a sale as this can turn people off. You’ll be surprised by the number of people who are thankful that you stopped by. 

7. Send mailers. 

Did you know that it takes an average of seven touches to close a deal? Sending out mailers takes some planning but it can pay off in the long run. While many mailers end up going straight to the garbage, with an eye-catching design and the right details you could make a lasting impression. Be sure to include your headshot so that the recipient recognizes you later on if they see a social media post, open house sign, or if you go doorknocking! Services such as REsimpli offer automated mail campaigns, or you can design your own mailer and mail them yourself through sites like Vistaprint.

8. Collab with local businesses. 

Imagine this: you purchase cookies for your open house from a local bakery. You post a photo of you picking up the cookies with the caption “Picking up cookies for tomorrow’s open house!”, then a photo of your open house set up with the caption “Come visit me at 123 Main St from 3-5 pm to see this spectacular home and snack on cookies from the Sweet Spot!”. Throw in a quick thank-you on your Instagram story and you just earned yourself three opportunities to be shared on the bakery’s page. Whenever you work with local businesses, be sure to give them a shout-out on your page and tag them. Not only are you helping to grow their business, but odds are they’ll want to share your kind words which will get your name in front of their audience!

9. Be smart with your date and time. 

Your date and time can have a huge impact on your turnout. If your open house is scheduled during the Super Bowl or on a holiday, you probably won’t get a great turnout. However, there are several opportunities for your date and time to help increase your turnout! Look for community events such as neighborhood garage sales or a Parade of Homes that may bring increased foot traffic and schedule your open house around then. Be sure that your time is accessible to most people by scheduling open houses for weekends during the day or weekday evenings. If your open house does happen to fall on a major sporting or entertainment event, advertise that you’ll have the event playing on your tv. 

10. Network. 

If you have an upcoming open house, this is a great time to dig into your networking. Reach out to your favorite lenders or go meet new ones and let them know about your listing. Lenders are often the first point of contact with new buyers and might have clients who are looking for something similar to your listing. If you’re attending a networking event, bring flyers or postcards for your open house instead of just your business card. Expanding your network and advertising your upcoming open house? It’s a win-win!

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