Picture this: You are touring a beautiful home, fresh on the market, when you walk into the bathroom…And see that it is stuck in the 1970’s. It really kills the mood, doesn’t it? Don’t let this be your house if you plan on selling it this spring.


Here are our top tips for updating your bathroom on a budget:

Paint. No more pink walls! “Whether it is painting your cabinets or the walls, a fresh coat of paint can brighten up the bathroom”, says REALTOR® Mindi Honish. Giving your walls a new color can drastically change the feel of your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Hardware. Thought this tip only applied to your kitchen? Think again. Switching out your cabinet handles, shower rod, and other hardware will give your bathroom a subtle but refreshing update. If you’re up for a bigger project, updating your faucets, shower heads, and other cosmetic appliances will make an even bigger difference.

Accessories. This tip is perfect if you’re short on time or aren’t much of a handyman. Give your bathroom a unifying feel by coordinating your bathmat, shower curtain, and even your visible towels. Our favorite colors are plum, slate grey, and navy blue. Pro tip: if you are staging your house soon, be sure to keep the counter clutter to a minimum.

Clean. You knew this one was coming. So many bathrooms can be completely transformed with a little bleach and a good scrubbing. REALTOR® Lewis Dahlberg claims “Focus on cleaning, clean the grout, clean sinks, clean shower…Cleaning will go a long way when preparing for your home sale!”


Don’t let your bathroom be the one room that “needs work”. With a bit of manual labor, your bathroom can be totally transformed, even on a tiny budget.


What’s your favorite bathroom renovation tip?


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