You asked and they answered! Here are our some of our top realtors’ takes on homes in good school districts.

You’re on the hunt for a new house in the perfect location.

You’re probably thinking “I don’t have kids, so why would I need to look at school districts?”

Well, we decided to ask our realtors to hear their input- in 140 characters or less.

@tashekiagray: “Yes, I think buying a house in a good district tells a lot about a neighborhood and the buyer may have kids in the future so it should be taken into consideration. If the school district is good the neighborhood is usually good as well.”

Tashekia Jones

Licensed Wisconsin REALTOR®

@johnnelson: ” Yes you should!  The neighborhood should be safe and being near a school keeps the house very “sellable” in the future…”

John Nelson

Licensed Wisconsin REALTOR®

realtor wisconsin@mindikessenich: “Location is one of the most important considerations when buying a home. School districts are one of many deciding factors, but if it does not apply to you or your current situation, I wouldn’t recommend allowing it to have too much weight. There are some highly desirable locations in our area, for example, with lower school ratings. They still appeal to another demographic.”

Mindi Kessenich

Licensed Wisconsin REALTOR®

@mindyhonish: “Yes! A good school district can bring good resale value to the home! The better the district, the better demand for housing.”

Mindy Honish

Licensed Wisconsin REALTOR®


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