Wondering where to get a drink in Janesville, WI? We’ve got you covered.


Everyone knows that Wisconsin is the best state for locally brewed drinks, but most people think that the best drinks are only in the city. We want to prove them wrong! So, we set out in Janesville to search for the best bars and breweries the town has to offer. Here are three of our top picks.


Gray Brewing Company


Gray Brewing Company is located on the west side of Janesville, but they also have another location in Verona. The family-run business has been around since 1856 and has continued the tradition of quality over the last 160 years, making them one of the oldest brewing companies in Wisconsin.


They brew, sell, and can a variety of beers throughout the year. Many customers come to relax in the tasting room on the weekends while others purchase a variety pack off of the brewery’s shelf to enjoy at home. Their selection rotates seasonally and even includes a “Pumpkin Head Ale” during the fall.


If you aren’t a beer drinker, Gray also bottles their own sodas. The root beer is definitely Property Revival approved! On select weekends, the tasting room invites local vendors to serve food outside. We recommend heading over when South Padre Seafood is outside to enjoy their delicious shrimp tacos.




Lark is an upscale restaurant and bar that is located right downtown. The restaurant quickly became popular among the locals because it provides a completely unique dining experience in Janesville.


Lark’s food and drink menus change seasonally and have a heavy focus on quality, locally-sourced ingredients. Some favorites in the office include the crab claw beignets, roasted brussel sprouts, and the tikka tacos off the food menu, while the Lark Old-Fashioned is definitely the favorite off the drink menu.


On Thursday nights, you can find live music in the restaurant from local musicians like our own agent John Nelson. Lark is one of our top picks for a date night and girl’s night out in Janesville.


Rock County Brewing Company


Rock County Brewing Company is less than two years old but they’re already making headlines in the Janesville area. What started as a couple of home-brewers making beer in their garage turned into a booming downtown brewery with a loyal fan-base.

Rock County Brewing Company keeps their menu simple so they can focus on quality, but they rotate their menu seasonally to provide some variety. They host a variety of community events, including trivia every Thursday night. The prize? Free beer!


The owners invited me to take a behind-the-scenes look at their brewing process and to ask them a few questions about their operations. The owners themselves are the ones who brew each batch right in the back room, so the beer travels about 50 feet from creation to consumption. Their beer is so popular that they are working on expanding their operations to keep up with demand.  


In our brief chat, Andy Walker described his commitment to serving the local community in whatever way he can- whether that’s serving quality, freshly brewed beer or providing a meeting space for people to collaborate. Expect to see a lot more of Rock County Brewing Company is the future.



Those were our top three choices for bars and breweries in Janesville, WI! Where should we visit next?