Should you hire a real estate agent or go the for sale by owner (FSBO) route? The answer is simple: hire a great agent! There are many reasons to let a real estate agent do the work, but it can be boiled down to three: digital strategy; negotiation; money.

1. Digital strategy. Buyers identify over 90% of homes they like in digital space. Successful real estate brokers should be pushing out their listings to hundreds of sites on the web, managing the listing on dozens of closely monitored social media sites, and interacting with potential buyers in their digital space daily. Do you have a digital strategy that can compare? Can you reach into your network and sell your home fast? Do your friends and co-workers want to see that in your social feed? Hiring a strong agent to represent you through your transaction will alleviate any concern when it comes to marketing.

2. Negotiation. There are several negotiation points to navigate in a real estate transaction. Whether it’s with a buyer, a buyer’s agent, a bank in a short sale situation, home inspectors, or through the appraisal process, it can be overwhelming to manage.  Having your real estate agent act as a buffer in those experience can result in better results.  Their knowledge of the process, contracts, and local real estate services should be able to guide you without problem.

3. Money. Most research we’ve done indicates somewhere between 8%-15% better return on the sale price when you list with a real estate agent. The worst case scenario research I’ve seen says it’ll be a net zero at the end. A net zero? So worst case scenario the price you sell FSBO compared to the commission you pay and the price your agent gets for the home results in the same bottom line for you? That’s a no-brainer! Save the stress of the sale process and hire a real estate broker to get your home sold.

Brian Lawton is a licensed Wisconsin REALTOR®, real estate investor, industry blogger, entrepreneur, and Director of  EXIT Realty HGM’s Wisconsin offices, where he lives with his family. Connect with him: LinkedIn.