It’s no secret that the COVID-19 outbreak has affected almost every industry, including real estate. However, the demand for homes is still high as interested buyers are met with low inventory. If you are considering selling your home, there are plenty of options available to ensure a safe and quick transaction. Here are six tips for selling your home during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

  1. Work with an experienced agent. This first tip is not exclusive to the current pandemic, but it’s especially important now. An experienced agent will not only help you sell your home quickly, but they will also have a plan in place for navigating your transaction safely. When interviewing agents, ask how they have adapted their operations to follow best social distancing practices and how they plan to effectively market your home, using the best virtual technology available. 
  2. Use your extra time to clean your home, especially the outside! You’re probably spending a little extra time at home right now, so why not use this to your advantage? Take some extra time and deep clean the inside and outside of your home. Odds are, most showings will be done virtually. The overall presentation of your home will matter more than having it spotless, so focus on reducing clutter to show off your space. 

And when those buyers drive by to “scout” the area, or arrive for their scheduled showing, make sure the curb appeal is on point! From the moment buyers step out of their vehicle, to the moment they open your front door, they should be impressed! Think of items like the yard, weeds, flower beds, door condition, mailbox – everything. Put some extra effort into your exterior by reducing clutter, touching up any chipped paint, and clearing any debris such as leaves and sticks. If you are able to, purchase some flowers to make your home appear more inviting. 

  1. Ask your agent about photography and virtual tour options. Online real estate searches have increased as more people turn to house hunting from home. Whether or not you are allowing in-person showings, it’s crucial that your house makes a good first impression when people see it online. 

A good agent will understand the importance of your listing photos and will hire a professional to take those on their behalf. They will also provide some sort of virtual tour option to help potential buyers get a better feel for your house. Some popular options include a video walkthrough or drone footage. Many of our agents invest in Matterport footage for their listings, which creates a 3-D virtual tour that allows potential buyers to walk through your home and get a 360° view of each room, similar to using the street view of Google Maps. Ask your agent about the options that are available to you. 

  1. Share your listing on social media. You should be sharing your listing on social media anyways, but it’s even more important now. With fewer people out and about, having a “for sale” sign in your yard won’t reach as many people as it used to. Share that you are selling your home on Facebook, Instagram, and any other platform that you use. Ask your friends and family to help share it too. Not only can you share your listing information, but you can also share your pictures, links to your virtual tour, and things that you love about your neighborhood. You never know who might see your post!
  1. Work with your agent to offer showings that you are comfortable with.  The decision to allow in-person showings is completely up to you. If you and your family are still living in your home, you may not feel comfortable having strangers walk through your home. Make sure that you are completely honest with your agent about what you are comfortable with so that they can serve you the best they can. 

If you don’t allow in-person showings, there are still other ways to let buyers see your home. In addition to the virtual tour options that we listed, many sellers have worked with their agents to use ZOOM or FaceTime calls to give buyers an in-depth virtual tour of their home. Each of these platforms allow users to video conference with multiple people so that you (the seller), buyer, and both agents can be present on the call. You can then give a tour of your home over the video call and answer any questions the buyer may have. Your agent should also be present to answer any transaction-related questions. Using video conferencing to give a virtual tour can create a best-case scenario for sellers who want to practice social distancing and for buyers who want a personalized tour. 

  1. Practice precaution with any in-person showings. If you do allow in-person showings, make sure that you practice social distancing and use as much precaution as possible. Leave all doors open and lights on to reduce any physical contact with the visitors and your home. Ask visitors to take off their shoes or to leave them outside. Have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes readily available as visitors enter the home, and be sure to thoroughly sanitize your home before and after they visit. You can also ask your agent to communicate with the buying agent before their showing to ensure that none of the visitors exhibit any symptoms of illness. If you still live at your listed home and are feeling ill, tell your agent immediately and ask to reschedule or cancel the showing. 

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