Curb appeal is a pretty big deal.


The first impression that your house gives to a potential buyer could make or break a deal. Winter can bring a lot of problems. When the spring thaw approaches, you’ll want to be ready…or else. Lucky for you, the solutions are pretty simple.

Here are our top tips for maintaining curb appeal after the spring thaw:

Get rid of winter

First, you will want to clean up all of the clutter that winter brings, so take a walk around your property to tidy up any sticks or other debris. Rake up any leaves you might have missed in the fall and trim any bushes or trees. Then, give your exterior a good deep cleaning. Don’t be afraid of a power washer! Finally, be sure to put away any clutter- shovels, salt bags, Christmas decorations, skis,etc.

Check for damages

Winter storms can bring all sorts of surprises. Torn screens, cracked rain gutters, you name it. The damage might seem like not a big deal, but buyers will be on the lookout. Even a tiny crack will alert an observant buyer. Taking the time to fix any signs up wear will definitely pay off.

Freshen up

Dreary weather can cause any home to look dull. Your siding, front porch, and trimming may benefit from a touch-up on the color, even after a good power-washing. Want to make a bigger impression? Realtor Mindi Kessenich says, ” If you really want to impress buyers, give the front door a bold coat of paint that accents your home!”

Visit your local nursery

Looking for the perfect finishing touch? Visit your local hardware store or greenhouse and pick up a few plants. Freshening up your landscape can make a drastic difference to your house’s street view. If you aren’t an expert florist, ask the employees for advice. A few flower bushes or shrubs in the front can make your house look like someone’s next home.

Act like a buyer

After you’ve made your changes, act like you’re a potential buyer and look at your house from across the street. Pay attention to anything that catches your eye. In the words of realtor Brian Lawton, “(The) view from the street should be great: landscape neat, wood painted, deck stained, siding washed, windows clear. It’ll help sell it fast!”



Don’t let your house’s curb appeal melt away with the spring thaw. Make your home stand out by rocking your buyers’ first impressions.

Is your house ready for the market this spring?



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