Our agents have seen it all. Here are the highlights.

Being a real estate agent means that you see a LOT of houses. Our agents have seen it all when it comes to Wisconsin real estate. While some houses may not be the nicest, there are other houses that have some pretty cool features. 

We asked our agents to tell us about the coolest feature they’ve seen in a house. Here are there answers:

mindy honish

Mindy Honish

“(I’ve seen) an underground tunnel that went from the house to the detached garage!!”

john nelson prr

John Nelson

“(I’ve seen) a beautiful new house the included a wet bar/library with a hidden secret nook above that included more booze, and a sawed-off shotgun….. you know…. in case of zombies”

John Schneider

“I have seen a lot of amazing features in homes over my years,  from indoor sport courts to indoor swimming pools with retractable roofs.  However, one of the best features I have seen in a home recently is WIFI switches and outlets.  Creating a truly smart home is now a reasonable upgrade in both a remodel and new construction.  By putting in smart switches and outlets your entire home can be activated via Smart Phone or even your favorite voice activated device like Alexa or SIRI. ”

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