Here are 7 things you need to do to prepare your home for this school season.

August is always a busy time of the year. Between back-to-school shopping, last minute vacations, and countless party invitations, your home often gets neglected. However, spending some time on your house can help prevent stress and unneeded costs later in the year. Here are seven things our real estate agents think you should do before September hits.

Organize Your Closet

With the changing of the seasons coming, this is a good time to do a closet overhaul. Donate old and outdated clothing to make room for your recent back-to-school purchases. Store away summer clothes and bring out heavier fall items.

Finish Outdoor Projects

-REALTOR® Tom Zahalka

Finish any outdoor projects while it’s still warm, the days are still long and, of course, before football season starts. This includes landscaping, siding, asphalt coatings, window washing, etc. Some products, such as paint, caulk, other coatings, require at least 40 degrees for at least 24 hours in order to cure properly.  

Deep Clean Your Car

Summer can bring a lot of fun, but it can also bring a big mess to your car. Loose sand, sunscreen stains, random sunglasses lying around…it adds up! A quick de-clutter and vacuum can do wonders. This will help to make sure your car doesn’t accumulate seasons’ worth of junk and allow you to keep unnecessary items your home inside and organized. You can also take this time to replenish any school and safety essentials in your car, such as tissues and emergency water bottles.

De-Clutter All Over

-REALTOR® and CEO Brian Lawton

Clear that clutter! It’s getting close to back to school, and cleaning the house out not only helps maintain the quality of your property but also alleviates a lot of undue stress at the end of summer. Throw away, donate, or find organizational storage for those items you’re not using. If selling is in the near future, this becomes even more important as you prep for that process.

Check Your Roof

You’ll want to check your roof and gutters before the cold weather hits. Look for missing, damaged, or loose shingles. If your roof is flat, you may need to remove leaves and debris. We also recommend hiring a service to clean your gutters or cleaning them yourself. You’ll want to check for nests, leaves, and any leaks.

Change your A/C Filter

Your air conditioning has probably been on full blast for the past three months. This means that your air conditioning filter has been working overtime and needs to be changed out. Regularly changing your A/C filter can help reduce allergies and outside pollutants from entering your house, therefore improving your indoor air quality. We recommend you change your filter roughly every 90 days.

Enjoy the Last Bits of Summer Outside

Okay, so this one technically has nothing to do with your house, but it is just as important. As the temperatures begin to drop and your kids head back to school, make sure you take advantage of the beautiful weather and extra free time. Take your family to the beach, on a bike ride, or even just walk around your neighborhood. These moments will be gone before you know it!