Our sister company, Property Revival Construction, is all about people, neighborhoods, and communities, NOT profit!

We Realized Long Ago That It Takes People To Build A “Home,” It Takes Homes, Not “Houses,” To Build Neighborhoods, And It Takes Neighborhoods To Create Communities…Without People, Nothing Works.

The fact is that our neighborhoods and communities are falling apart and Property Revival is determined to change that. We know that when people have a place to call “home,” they care more about their neighborhoods, and that’s where it all starts for us.

No One Cares More About Creating “Homes” Than We Do. Property Revival is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods, one home at a time; at Property Revival, we give homes new life.

In today’s day and age, it just makes no sense for people to have to “settle” for a house they don’t like. Our philosophy is that people should love their homes. That’s where Property Revival excels…we take what you hate and we turn it into what you love. No other company out there can do what we do.

Simply put, when people don’t love their homes it can ruin entire neighborhoods. In fact, just one “house” being neglected can bring down the home values of an entire street, or block, or neighborhood. Take for example a foreclosed property.

Unfortunately, we all know, too well, that banks that foreclose on properties don’t love them, in fact, they actually hate them and they let the property just sit vacant… this is where we step in. These house need to be converted to homes once again. We are experts at helping buyers find these houses and, many times, we can step in and for less money that you think, convert these houses into “dream homes.”

Think about it, how many times have you personally experienced or heard of someone say that they loved the neighborhood but hated the house…WE CAN FIX THAT.

Then there are the circumstances, unfortunately, where many would be homebuyers, homesellers, and current homeowners find themselves in difficult situations and just do not know where to turn for help. Often times, the very company they thought was there to help them, turns out to be the very company that is doing the most harm.

For example, many homeowners find themselves in a fight with insurance companies. Insurance companies will ALWAYS want to pay the least amount of money on a claim. This often results in a homeowner not having enough money to fix the home the way is should be done…PROPERLY.

As a result, the homeowner is forced to “settle” for something that they just wind up hating. In worse case scenarios, they can’t even finish the job. Just take a look at the story of just one of our clients: Deb Smith. This is not an isolated story; but it is just one of the stories that exemplify what me, my partner, and Property Revival, stand for.

Jerry and I have come together from very different professional backgrounds in order to give our Wisconsin community something more by creating a “total” home improvement, financing, and real-estate company… all under one roof. By combining all aspects of home ownership and remodeling under one roof, we cut costs, save time, and provide unparalleled service.

Bottom Line: No one can do what we do for the price that we can do it at.

We have been called miracle workers, magic men, and lifesavers; but the reality is that we are just a couple of hardworking guys who really care about people and our neighborhoods.

We know that if we take care of people by giving them a home they love, the rest will take care of itself.

If you want to buy a home, if you want to sell a home, if you hate your home, we can help… and there is no better group of people that you are going to want to work with than the team that we have assembled here at Property Revival.

If you’re interested in working with our sister company, Property Revival Construction, click here to learn more!